Sense and Sensibility by Kate Hamill - FSU/Asolo Conservatory

The Love of the Nightingale by Timberlake Wertenbaker - Waterwell/PPAS

Senior Showcase - Fordham University 


Wild Home by Gwen Kingston - NOTCH Theatre

Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare - Texas Shakespeare Festival

Passage by Christopher Chen - SUNY Purchase

Antony and Cleopatra by William Shakespeare - Waterwell/PPAS

Senior Showcase - Fordham University 



Hamlet by William Shakespeare - The Gallery Players

The Tempest by William Shakespeare - Waterwell/PPAS

274 Days devised by NYU Meisner 3rd Years  - Tisch School of the Arts NY

Senior Showcase - Fordham University


Bibles and Candy by Dorothy Fortenberry - SUNY Purchase

Faust 2.0 adapted by Matthew Maguire (artistic assistant) - Mabou Mines

The Tempest by William Shakespeare - The Gallery Players

Love in NY  Web Series by Amanda Dolan -  LINY

Madre Nostra by Susan Reimer-Torn - MSJP Creative

and the swan by Patricia Black and James Palmer - The Coop/Pawling Institute

and the swan by Patricia Black and James Palmer - TheatreLab

and the swan by Patricia Black and James Palmer  - Atelier 86

Into The Woods by Stephen Sondheim (production designer) - Manhattan Youth Services



This New Now by Mona Mansour - Tisch School of the Arts NYU         

The Young by Kevin MacLean  - Fordham/Primary Stages

Arcadia by Tom Stoppard - FSU/ Asolo Conservatory

King John by William Shakespeare - Texas Shakespeare Festival

An Attempt to Heal by Dave Tolchinsky (assistant director) - NY Fringe

Girl from the North County by Connor McPherson (observer) - The Public Theater

Lily Dare by Charles Busch (stage manager) - Primary Stages

Hen42 by Chana Porter (reading)-  MSJP Creative

King John by William Shakespeare - MSJP Creative

Mrs. Polska by Kenneth Prestininzi (staged reading) - New Dramatists

and the swan (devised)  - MSJP Creative



Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare - FSU/Asolo Conservatory

Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare - Gallery Players

In The Open by Mona Mansour - Waterwell/PPAS    

Napoli, Brooklyn dir. Gordon Edelstein  (assistant director) - Roundabout Theatre

The Daughter of Time by M. Kilburg Reedy (staged reading) - Playroom Theatre

Orestes at Delphi by Griffin Sharps - MSJP Creative

The Becoming by Trent Reznor (Choreographer) - Director’s Lab BTU


Grief by Craig Lucas - The Drama League

A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens  - Trinity Repertory Company

These Seven Sicknesses by Sean Graney - Brown/Trinity MFA      

Meteor Shower dir. Gordon Edelstein (assistant director) - Long Wharf

Meteor Shower dir. Gordon Edelstein (assistant director) - The Old Globe



Look Back in Anger by John Osborne - Brown/Trinity MFA       

Bratton Late Night by Acting Ensemble  - Chautauqua Theatre Co.

Church by Young Jean Lee -  Chautauqua Theatre Co.   

The Heidi Chronicles dir: Vivienne Benesch (assistant director) - Trinity Repertory Company  

Prometheus Bound dir: Brian Mertes (assistant director) - Brown/Trinity MFA

Christmas Carol dir: Curt Columbus (assistant director) - Trinity Repertory Theatre 

Henry V dir: Evan Cabnet (assistant director) - Chautauqua Theatre Co.  

Our Town dir: Paul Mullens (assistant director) - Chautauqua Theatre Co.

The Engine of Our Ruin dir: Ethan McSweeny (assistant director) - Chautauqua Theatre Co.

Red Meat by Anne Carson - Chautauqua Institute        

Above the Noise by Rick Burkhardt - Writing is Live (Brown)  



Hamlet by William Shakespeare -  Brown/Trinity MFA 

Rocket to the Moon by Clifford Odets - Brown/Trinity MFA        

Intimate Apparel dir: Janice Duclos (assistant director) - Trinity Repertory Company

Low Year by Griffin Sharps  -  Playwright’s Rep        

The Panels by Rick Burkhardt  - Writing is Live (Brown)

Neighbors by Lee Osorio - Romp of Otters Theatre   



Conversation Storm by Rick Burkhardt - Romp of Otters Theatre

Lear by Young Jean Lee - Red Tape Theatre         

Neighbors by Lee Osorio - First Look Festival (Brown)  

One Minute Play Festival by Multiple Playwrights - Victory Gardens            

The Thief and his Master by Greg Allen - First Floor Theatre  

The Birthday Party dir: Austin Pendleton (assistant director) - Steppenwolf Theatre Co 

Stadium Devildare by Ruth Margraff (producer) - Red Tape Theatre by Mat Smart - American Theatre Co.  



Ruby Wilder by Brooke Allen - Tympanic Theatre Co  

Elephant’s Graveyard by George Brant - Red Tape Theatre

Gingerbread House by Mark Schultz - Red Tape Theatre

Blue Planet by Andri Snaer Magnason (staged reading) - Akvavit Theatre   

The Skriker by Caryl Churchill (producer) -  Red Tape Theatre



Pullman, WA by Young Jean Lee - Red Tape Theatre 

Church by Young Jean Lee - Red Tape Theatre 

Brand by Henrik Ibsen - Red Tape Theatre

Tragedy: A Tragedy by Will Eno - Red Tape Theatre

Ask Aunt Susan by Seth Bockley (staged reading) - Goodman Theatre      

Dibs by Adrienne Dawes - American Thtr Co.

Fragile by Tena Stivicic - TUTA Theatre       



The Love of the Nightingale by Timberlake Wertenbaker - Red Tape Theatre

Fixed Standard of Conduct by Michael Rychlewski  - Chicago Dramatists   

Moments of Truth by A. Zell Williams - American Theatre Co

Obscura: A Voyeuristic Love Story by Jennifer Barclay (producer) Red Tape Theatre

Prom Night by Les Enfants Terribles (producer) - Red Tape Theatre



Mouse in a Jar by Martyna Majok  (producer) Red Tape Theatre

Enemy of the People Adapted by Robert Oakes - Red Tape Theatre



Dog in a Manger Adapted by James Palmer - Red Tape Theatre

Pugilist Specialist by Adriano Shaplin  - Chicago Cultural Center



Endgame by Samuel Beckett  -  Red Tape Theatre 

Coriolanus by William Shakespeare - Red Tape Theatre



Baden Lehrstuck by Bertolt Brecht - Red Tape Theatre 


Art Equity: Antiracism Training (New York, NY)                                                             2020

Everyday Justice - Antiracism as a Daily Practice

Fordham University

    Understanding Identity and Social Locations

    Definitions of Authority, Power, and Influence 

    Tools to equalize power

    Organizational Stages of Diversity and Inclusion

    Identifying White Supremacy Culture

    Terminology for Anti-Bias Language

    Recognizing Microaggressions 


Be The Change: Antiracism Training (New York, NY)                                                     2020

Becoming an Antiracist Organization 

Professional Performing Arts School and Waterwell Theater

    Building a Culture of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

    Activate Yourself

    Build Power thru Meeting Facilitation

    Reimagine Supervision to integrate Equity and Effectiveness


Brown University, Brown/Trinity Rep MFA Program (Providence, RI)                             2016

Masters of Fine Arts in Directing

    Brian Mertes (Directing) 

    Melissa Kievman (Professional Development, Design)
   Vivienne Benesch (Directing)
   Brian McEleney (Acting, Shakespeare) 

    Tom Jones (Voice) 

    Daniel Stein (Clown, Articulation)
   Shura Baryshnikov (Modern, Contact Improv) 

    Marcus Gardley (Adaptation)
   Deborah Salem-Smith (Playwrighting)


Genres Master Class (Chicago, IL)                                                                                     2010 

    Zeljko Djukic, Artistic Director TUTA Theatre


Directing - Script Analysis (Chicago, IL)                                                                            2010

    Rick Corley – Acting Studio     


Directors Lab (Chicago, IL)                                                                                                2008

    Garry Griffin (Directing)

    Thomas Riccio (Ritual)

    Blair Thomas (Puppeteering)


Simpson College (Indianola, IA)                                                                                        2004

Bachelor of Arts; Major in Acting and Directing

Magna cum Laude - GPA 3.8

    Tom Woldt (Acting, Script Analysis, Theatre History)

    Jennifer Nostrala (Directing, Movement, Genres)

    Steve McClean (Design, Management)


Fordham University                                                                                          2020- Present

Senior Audition II - Undergraduate Acting

    Presenting your authentic self

    Getting specific about the career you want

    Finding materials that support your goals

    Networking without feeling slimy

    Critical tools for staying on the industry’s radar

    How to navigate conversation with casting directors, agents, and managers

    What to do when an industry professional crosses a line



NYU Tisch School of the Arts - Meisner School                                            2020

Devised Theatre Practices - Undergraduate Acting

    History of Devised Theatre

    Generative Practices: improvisation, research, staging concepts, and 

    performance approaches

    Finalizing, editing, and rehearsing with a performance script

    Understanding our work through an antiracist paradigm

Manhattan Youth Services - PS & IS 276                                                         2019

Design For Stage - Grades 6-8

    How to read and interpret plays

    Research ideas for design and practicing presenting those ideas
   Incorporate feedback it into the design

NYU Tisch School of the Arts - Playwrights Horizons                                    2018 

Advanced Production Lab - Undergraduate Directing

    Articulating a singular point of view 

    Engaging your collaborators using non-verbal tools

    Developing combustible language to support your vision

    Understanding design as an improvisation


Professional Performing Arts School (New York, NY)                                     2017- Present

Acting II and III

    Embrace professional behaviors with emphasis on etiquette

    Build technique with daily exercises and preparation

    Establish technical approaches and common vocabulary 

    Develop an appreciation of process over product

    Understanding that a safe-space is a space in which we can take risks

    Connecting antiracist practices to our work


Voice and Speech Instructor 

    Connecting the breath to the body and voice
   Removing “effort” from the act of listening, breathing, and speaking 

    Learning how to take text one thought at a time
   Establishing a healthy practice for your voice and speech warm-up
   Find ease in speaking to an audience and remaining grounded 

    Understanding how to take care of your instrument

    Learning to love vowels and consonants 

Trinity Repertory Company (Providence, RI)                                                       2014

Young Actors Summer Institute - Acting, Directing, Scene Study Instructor

    Developing a practical approach to script analysis 

    Understanding action in scene work

    Yielding to external and internal creative impulses 

    Differentiating between text work and scene work

    Finding freedom through play and relaxation

    Devising through movement 


Brown/Trinity Rep (Providence, RI)                                                                       2014

High School Shakespeare Training

    Tools for approaching Shakespeare for the first time (meter, antithesis, paraphrasing)

    Approaches for making Shakespeare’s plays understandable and actable for young actors

    Using games to make sense of Shakespeare’s rhetoric


Red Tape Theatre  (Chicago, IL)                                                                           2004-2013

Education Program and Ensemble Training

    Comprehensive Viewpoints training

    Advanced Script Analysis

    Audition Techniques