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by Sean Graney

Brown/Trinity Rep MFA Program

Cast: Alex Woodruff, Ashley Monique Butler, Dennis Kozee, George Olesky, Griffin Sharps, Katie Dupont, Kyle Vincent Terry, Lee Osorio, Olivia Khoshatefeh, Peter Martin, Sarah Conte, Tim Kopacz

Original music and music direction by Chad Raines

Set design by Deb O

Costume design by Jessie Darrell

Lighting design by Kate McGee

Violence design by Rob Najarian

Kindness design by Myah Shein

Dramaturg Tenara Calem 


"A theater event this daring and of this caliber comes along only once in a great while and can only be described as extraordinary. To miss this remarkable opportunity would be... well, a real tragedy."   - Christopher Verleger, Edge Media Network

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