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by William Shakespeare

The Gallery Players

Live Broadcast during Quarantine

Cast: Martha Benson, Patricia Black, Lunaré, Amber McNew, Eliana Anneliscia Rowe, Jessica N. Smith

Co-Directors: James Dean Palmer & Myah Shein
Music Consultant: Chris Felix
Costume Consultant: Dominique Fawn Hill
Broadcast Technician: Romo Hallahan
Production Stage Manager: Jess Kemp
Producer: Dominic Cuskern


by William Shakespeare

The Professional Performing Arts School

and Waterwell

Live Broadcast during Quarantine

Cast: Nareh Aseyan, Kai Blue, Nikola Dickersin, Shanice Dorzilor, Mollie Grodsky, Brooklyn Lamour, Quentin Morales, Ankeile Rodriguez, Sarah Valenza, Anissa Skeete

Broadcast Technician: Romo Hallahan

Stage Manager: Nzinga Williams

274 DAYS

An Original Work created by

the NYU Meisner Studio 3rd Year Class

Live Broadcast during Quarantine

Cast: Pierre Bettencourt, Courtney Brennan, Claire Dunn, Nikolas Elrifi, Zachary Gault, Karina Gutierrez, Rebecca Hamner, Alexis Hinton, Jared Kirsch, Piper Lewis, Kat Mendell, Illahi Rayani, and Mohammad Saleem.

Choreographer: Myah Shein

Broadcast Engineer: Romo Hallahan

Stage Manager: Jess Kemp

Prod. Coordinator: Chris Santos

Assistant Director: Juliana Durrant

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