Video Conference Coaching

We are all spending more time in front of a camera than ever before. Video is taking the place of meetings, networking events, presentations, pitches and more. And it seems clear that video conferencing isn’t going away any time soon.  Learning how to present your best self on camera is going to make you feel confident while strengthening existing connections and even landing new business.  

When a film actor walks on set, they have an entire team of specialists to make them look and sound flawless. I can be that team for you. If you’re ready to feel confident about your performance on digital media, or you would like to see your employees look and sound better, smarter, and more professional, I am here to help.

Training and Development

Video Conferencing 101

All the basics for effective and polished video meetings. We’ll discuss audio and video technology, video conference etiquette and help you perfect your shot set up. Learn the basic vocal and postural techniques to help you look and sound confident, polished and professional.  Packages available for individuals, managers and teams.

Create Valuable Video Content

Let’s nail that video spot. I’m here to help every step of the way.

After getting to know you and the needs of your video, I’ll provide “homework” to help you prepare for the shoot.

On the day of the shoot, we’ll work together create a shot set up that looks professional and sets the tone for your video. Then we’ll do some simple physical and vocal warm-ups to make you look, sound and feel your best. I’ll share some simple tips and tricks for presenting on camara to ensure your message comes through and you connect with your viewer. We’ll work through several “takes” to make sure you “got it.”

Speaking with Clarity

Private sessions on how to properly use your voice for maximum articulation and clarity.  These sessions are helpful if you or a colleague lack confidence in public speaking, if you feel like you mumble or are constantly being misunderstood, or if you want guidance on how to effectively speak publicly and persuasively.

James Dean Palmer is a digital media coach specializing in helping people showcase their professionalism and confidence in an increasingly digital environment. When social distancing became the new-normal, James began working with business leaders and their employees to help them navigate platforms such as Zoom, Google Hangouts, and other Video Conferencing platforms. Speaking authentically in front of a cam- era is something that professional entertainers spend decades learning. Seemingly overnight, typical busi- ness people had to learn to set up a camera shot, to modulate their voice for microphones, to deal with light- ing and props, and to speak with confidence while sitting alone in their home office. It can be a terrifying ex- perience and one that can cost you clients. James will coach you and your staff on how to present your best, most confident self. Additionally James can offer coaching on speech writing and effective presentation tech- niques. No one should lose a client because technology prevented you from connecting with your client.

James is an award-winning coach, producer, and director with 16 years of experience in the entertainment industry. James has a masters degree from Brown University and is a faculty member at Fordham University, NYU, SUNY Purchase and the Professional Performing Arts School in Manhattan.

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