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James is an incredible artist. His study in both acting and directing makes him keenly aware of what an actor must undertake when preparing for a role. He understands deeply the acting process, and his work as a director allows him to communicate in an incredibly effective and efficient way. He is both able to see the global picture to help create and tell a cohesive story, while at time same focusing on the specifics that will help set your performance apart. He is extremely kind, patient, and supportive. I’ve have been fortunate enough to work with James on several projects, and he has undoubtedly made me a better artist. He pushes me past what I think I am capable of, and keeps me searching for that moment when a performance becomes undeniable.   ~Nicole Villamil,  actress (Network on Broadway, Queens LCT3)

James is an actor’s director. He understands intimately how much good acting costs the actor personally or at least it should. He guides the actor’s process of connecting intimately with the text by way of aligning thorough analysis with the imagination. He understands how to stoke personal passion and power in an actor’s performance. His work is at once dynamic and nuanced.  ~ Tom Jones, vocal coach (HBO, Head of Voice and Speech for Brown University/Trinity Rep)

James won’t let you- or your art- off the hook. Working with him will ensure that you are going in to your next audition at the top of you game. Whether is it’s by giving you tools to examine your text on the page, or by opening it up in a clear and dynamic dialogue that personalizes the situation and raises the immediacy of the moment- James will make sure your acting choices feel fresh, important, and relevant. He will not let you leave the room until you are proud of what you have found together. ~Drew Ledbetter, actor (Redbull Theater, Alabama Shakes)

James is a dream to work with.  I’ve worked with him both under his direction, as well as for some last minute audition guidance and coaching.  Working with him is a truly collaborative experience and safe space for you to stretch and grow in your craft, whether it be over a short-coaching session, or an entire rehearsal process.  His breadth of knowledge and passion for [the] Text makes him an invaluable resource.  In the Work, there is always space to just jump and play, while staying true to the givens of the text, the language, and your strengths and abilities as an artist.  Working within your individualistic vessel.  He does not work in broad strokes.  Most importantly, you can trust James will have honest and nurturing and helpful feedback and notes for you to put your best foot forward.  He is a wonderful advocate and a great energy to be around, should you have nerves as you prepare to head into the Reharsal Room, the Audition Room, or Onstage. ~ Kedren Spencer, actor (Shakespeare Theatre, Asolo Rep)

James has a passion for storytelling, a fierce intelligence, a generosity of spirit, and a deep understanding of the dark and humorous absurdity of the human condition.  If you are looking to hone your craft, prepare for upcoming auditions, or develop a solo show or new work then you would do well to collaborate with James.  I have grown so much as an artist from working with him! ~ Lee Osorio, actor (Alliance Theatre)

James Dean Palmer is a wonder to work with. He leads with a vibrant astuteness that provides immense clarity and offers the actor everything needed to explore and discover successfully. He knows how to dissect difficult text and make it meaningful.  James asks the right questions, is extremely collaborative and invests in the details which results in thorough, nuanced work. I was a young actor and new to New York when I first worked with James and I grew immensely under his wing. Working with him is an exceptionally rewarding experience.  ~ Bibi Mama, actor (Old Globe)

It would be easy to say that James Dean Palmer is an "actor’s director” because he has the rare gift of creating a rehearsal room where actors feel free to do their most daring, most skillful and creative work, in a condition of delight. The thing is, though, he’s also a designer’s director, a producer’s director, a dramaturg’s director, and he looks after the audience well too. He’s a great collaborator is what he is, and his capacity for collaboration is strengthened by his own very individual and vivid image of what Theatre can be. ~ Jonathan Epstein, Teaching Professor of Classical Performance FSU/Asolo Conservatory for Actor Training

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